Monday, July 27, 2009

wine of the month

July's wine is this little delicious gem.

It's good "recession" wine coming in at $10.99 or less.
It's got an interesting label.
A good choice to bring to a group of women because of it's name.
Substantial enough for a meaty pizza or some olives before dinner.
Available in fine retail and grocery stores nation wide.
It tastes smooth and feels mellow going down.
Looks good in a gift basket.
Great basic wine to have on hand and pop open when the guests need another.


sheA said...

Mmmm wine!!!! r.d.- got your comment- trying to decide whether or not to open up a new blog...if i decide to - i'll redirect you to the new site-- peace shea

r.d. said...

I totally understand Shea! It can get a little lonely out here at times so for selfish reasons I hope you come back! See you on the other side...